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Airlink Mobile

Airlink Mobile's brand new prepaid service offers a variety of refill options with per minute rates starting as low as $0.10 min. Each option includes free nationwide long distance, unlimited night & weekend minutes and a host of standard calling features. Plus, all users receive free incoming and outgoing text messages for their first month of prepaid service.

Airlink Mobile Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes

Alltel Wireless

Alltel is a nationwide prepaid service with standard features like FREE nationwide long distance and text messaging. Subscribers enjoy a low flat rate of $0.25/min along with a unique feature that allows users to keep any used minutes left over from the previous service period.

Alltel Wireless Prepaid Refill Airtime Minutes

Alltel U

The trouble with most wireless plans is that they don't always offer enough choices. Alltel U has what you want: a wireless plan that puts you in charge. So make your choice - pay by the day, the minute, or the month, and then start making your plan all about you!

Alltel's new U Prepaid service offers one of the best values in the prepaid industry if you live in Alltel's geographically large coverage area. Users can choose from 3 different plans, opting to pay by the day, the minute, or the month Each plan offers it's own per min rate with a unique combo of voice and data services At anytime, a user may switch between plans as they see fit. With unique plans and phones, competitive pricing, and such standard features as voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and 3-way calling, U Prepaid has something to offer for everyone living in Alltel's vast coverage area.

  • Choose your plan and change it as you like
  • U is contract free
  • No credit check or monthly bill
  • Pay your way - online or from your phone
  • Choose almost any phone - we've got the latest styles and hottest features

Alltel U Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes

Beyond GSM

Beyond GSM is the newest GSM wireless service powered by Beyond Wireless. Beyond GSM allows users to pay as they go with rates as low $0.10/min on domestic calls, and FREE nationwide long distance. With Beyond GSM users get a reliable wireless service with a variety of standard features like Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Text Messaging.

Beyond GSM Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile pay-as-you-go offers rates as low as 10 cents per minute. Boost's prime feature is it's hallmark walkie talkie feature, available now for $1.00 per day unlimited use. This carrier, which uses Nextel's iDEN network, is targeted to young, tech-hungry audiences but is good for anybody needing Nextel's unique features without the contract.

Boost Mobile, which sports unique handsets (though it can use Nextel handsets since Boost uses Nextel-style SIM cards), was the first prepaid carrier to offer walkie-talkie service, and is the only prepaid carrier with GPS easily accessible on all new phones, thus making turn-by-turn driving directions and the like feasible. Web access, though slow due to the nature of the Nextel network, is available at an inexpensive 20 cents per day, with some parts accessible for free.

You can either choose their "chirp days, chat nights" plan, which offers unlimited walkie talkie for $1 per day and airtime for 20 cents a minute, or Boost's Premium Plan, which is a unique, $50-per-month, 'hybrid' option. To further increase prepaid appeal, all night, weekend and Mobile To Mobile minutes (to and from other Boost, Nextel or Sprint PCS subscribers) are just 10 cents apiece. Boost of course includes many of the common digital cellular features (caller ID, call forwarding, 3-way calling, voicemail). Thus it makes for a good all-around prepaid for areas that have coverage (Nextel covers 260+ million people) and such unique features as walkie-talkie and GPS add to the appeal of one of the most aggressive 'major-league' prepaid services out there.

Boost Mobile Re-Boost Top-Up Refill Minutes


New Elite Plans from Buzz GSM offer subscribers more anytime minutes with a standard expiration date of 30 days. Plus, users can now rollover their minutes as long as they refill their account prior to their expiration period.

Buzz Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes

Call Plus

Call Plus GSM is a basic prepaid service powered by Locus Telecommunications. Subscribers can make calls at a flat rate of $0.10 / min with a $0.25 daily access charge on the days when the user makes or receives a call. Plus, users can take advantage of free international long distance to over 50 countries.

Call Plus Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes

Cingular Go

Cingular Wireless offers nationwide prepaid wireless services on the Cingular Wireless ALLOVER National Prepay Network. The Cingular Wireless ALLOVER Network gives you more bars in more places, and covers more than 270 million people. With inexpensive new phones and advanced services, Cingular GoPhone holds its own against other providers using its own network but providing cheaper voice minutes. With Cingular Go PhoneYou can access the internet, send and receive picture and text messages, buy ringers and games, and of course talk on Cingular's nationwide network.

Cingular has two different plans to fit your budget!

  • $1.00 per day + 10¢ per minute (includes unlimited mobile to mobile calling. The $1.00 access charge only applies on days that you use your phone.)
  • 25¢ per minute (Flat rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One simple rate for all your calls.)

Cingular Go Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes


Hargray Wireless offers unlimited inbound and outbound local calling for a set number of days based upon the denomination of PIN sold and features desired. Hargray also has a wide variety of optional features (all features are noted with a *) available only through request from Hargray customer service.

Hargray Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes


"i wireless" is an affordable prepaid service with two great ways to pay as you go. The traditional pay per minute plan allows the subscriber to talk at a rate of $0.35/min and $0.10/min for N/W, while the new mobile to mobile plan, at a $1.00/day, lets users talk unlimited to any "i wireless" or Cincinnati "Bell Wireless" customer.

i-wireless Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes

Infinity Mobile

Infinity Mobile offers monthly plan pricing with a variety of bundle plans that come with unlimited nights & weekends, FREE nationwide long distance and onnetwork roaming. With Infinity's flexible pricing plan, users can either replenish their monthly plan or purchase cash cards if they wish to add minutes without starting a new monthly cycle. Plus, with Infinity, subscribers enjoy a full array of digital calling features such as Voicemail, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, and Caller ID.

Infinity Mobile Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes


Locus GSM is one of the most well known prepaid GSM programs in the market. Subscribers enjoy a unique pay as you go plan where they are charged $0.15/ min for the first 5 minutes of each day, and $0.09/min thereafter. Users can also call to over 50 pre-selected countries FREE of additional charges. Plus, with bonus minutes rewarded for every airtime card purchase, subscribers can maximize their minutes for less money.

Locus Mobile GSM Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes


Movilisto offers users a simple, easy to use prepaid plan with a low flat rate of $0.133/min on all domestic calls including long distance and roaming. Plus users can make International calls to 11 select countries with no additional charges whatsoever. And with standard calling features such as free voicemail, caller id, call waiting, Movilisto has become popular plan for users making frequent International calls.

MovilListo Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes


Net 10 Wireless pay as you go offers users a low flat rate of $0.10/min on all domestic calls with absolutely no additional charges for nationwide long distance and roaming. With Net 10's unique combination of minutes and active service a user may carry over minutes from month to month with no expiration as long as the users service remains active within their specified due date.

Net10 Pay As You Go Refill Airtime Minutes


Nexus offers users a straightforward prepaid service with rates as low as $0.13/min and no additional charges on long distance and roaming. Plus, upon activation users may receive up to 100 minutes worth of free airtime.

Nexus Pay As You Go Refill Airtime Minutes

Omni Prepaid

Omni offers an affordable pay as you go plan with great rates and no additional charges for long distance and roaming. This is a great plan for infrequent cell phone users who need a reliable prepaid service with standard features.

Omni Prepaid Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes

Page Plus Cellular

Page Plus offers basic prepaid service at a flat rate of $0.14/min. Plus, users benefit from their standard calling features as well as free nationwide long distance and a variety of well known prepaid handsets.

Page Plus Cellular Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes


Platinumtel's pay as you go offers users a great all in one service. With FREE nights and weekends, and nationwide long distance, subscribers have ample talk time without wasting their anytime minutes. Unlike other prepaid bundle plans, Platinumtel minutes never expire. With Platinumtel, only the access days in which you make calls will end. If the subscriber's access days end, they can simply purchase one of two top up cards and regain access to their original minutes.

PlatinumTel Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes


POP GSM, powered by Call Plus, is the new GSM program from Locus Telecom. POP GSM offers great rates with Free Domestic and International Long distance. With a national all digital network, POP is able to bring users state-of the art call quality with enhanced features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Three-Way Calling, and a cost effective text messaging service.

POP GSM Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes

STI Mobile

STi Mobile is the first, Pay-as-you-go wireless service with super-low International, State-to-State and Local rates. STi Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) with access to more than 250 million people. STi Mobile is the only MVNO interconnected with a wireless carrier within the United States (processing and terminating calls through its own switched network). This interconnection allows STi Mobile to process its customers' wireless calls on its switched network and provide them with the best international rates available.

STI Mobile Pay As You Go Refill Airtime Minutes

T-Mobile To Go

T-Mobile To Go is a very competitive prepaid cellular option. With T-Mobile's Gold Rewards program, customers can get rates as low as 10 cents per minute with 1 year expirations on each refill. TMobile also offers roaming at no additional charge and additional features such as text and picture messaging, instant messaging, and free cellular access to a selection of internet news sites, and more. As such, T-Mobile To Go is a great option for even the most tech-oriented consumers, especially as their selection of phones and special features broaden. And, of course, for those who just like to talk, 3-way calling, caller ID, call waiting and voicemail come standard.

For Sidekick users, T-Mobile also offers a Sidekick To Go program, which allows anyone to use the T-Mobile Sidekick mobile messaging device for unlimited web access, picture mail, instant and text messaging for a mere dollar a day. Voice calling on this plan is a flat 15 cents a minute.

Thus T-Mobile is a great prepaid service, whatever your "geek level," making good their no-fees "Get Prepaid Without Getting Burned" and their overall "Get More" promises with aplomb. And if you don't like their prepaid phone selection, you can always grab an unlocked or T-Mobile phone and have fun!

T-Mobile To Go Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes


TracFone Wireless is the largest independent nationwide provider of prepaid wireless communications. TracFone is a pay-as-you-go, prepaid wireless service that has the largest digital coverage area in the United States. There are no hidden charges, nationwide long distance is already included in your price, and there's never a roaming surcharge, just a flat rate. Plus, Tracfone offers all the full featured calling features such as caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, voicemail, text messaging, and inexpensive roaming (or free on GSM models).

The unique thing about Tracfone is their patented airtime balance display and billing system. So you always know right where you stand with regard to how many minutes you have and when you need to get more. Although Tracfone Wireless is known to be more expensive than other competing providers, they do offer widely available promotional codes which can actually make the service a lot cheaper.

Tracfone Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes


Tuyo Mobile offers great service with some of the lowest rates to Latin America. On Tuyo, users receive a variety of unique features such as direct international calling, and the ever popular rollover minutes, which allows subscribers to carry over an existing balance as long as they refill within 90 days. Plus, Tuyo's phone card feature gives subscribers the opportunity to use their balance to make calls from any phone. This is a great plan for all users especially those within the Latin community.

Tuyo Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes

Verizon INpulse

INpulse, Verizon's house-brand prepaid service, offers unlimited night and Verizon Mobile To Mobile calling without the surprises and commitments a normal Verizon contract entails, though the price per month comes out to about two thirds that of the cheapest contract plan. If you're not calling another Verizon subscriber and it's before 9 p.m., you're going to pay 10 cents a minute. Text is 5 cents a piece. Picture messaging is 25. Web is 99 cents a day. All of this on Verizon's nationwide CDMA digital network. However, unlike Verizon contract plans, there are steep roaming fees when calling using cell towers other than Verizon's. But almost always there's voicemail, three-way calling and caller ID, whether you're on network or not.

Verizon INpulse\FREEUP\REUP Refill Minutes

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile USA is the U.S. subsidiary of the UK's Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile USA uses Sprint's CDMA-based Personal Communications Service (PCS) network. Virgin Mobile USA began operating in the summer of 2002 and was one of the first companies in the United States to offer prepaid cellular service, and was the first prepaid-only provider. As of January 2007, Virgin Mobile USA had 4.6 million users.

Virgin Mobile's pay as you go is simple and easy to use. Virgin Mobile's subscribers pay a minute to minute at the low flat rate of 18¢. With tons of new features and a large array of 3G phones, Virgin is perfect for the young cell phone user in mind.

Virgin Mobile Top-Up Refill Minutes

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