Item discontinued: Don't lose your number.

You have until Feb 5 to keep your existing phone number!

PTel (PlatinumTel) will no longer offer service effective the end of January. Activations and top-ups have been disabled. Only a few days left to port your mobile number before it's gone. PTel customers are being advised to port their mobile numbers to Ultra Mobile.

Why Ultra Mobile? Better plans without changing your phone.

Ultra just enhanced 2 of its popular plans with additional 4G LTE data and more unlimited countries, and they offer a better value than you were previously getting....and the best part, there's no need to change phones or worry about a different network!

So how do we compare with your old PTel service?

If you were on Ptel's $20/$25 plan, you can switch to Ultra's $19 plan and enjoy a faster data experience and unlimited direct dial international calling with full 4G LTE speed, unlimited global text, unlimited direct dial international to Canada, China, Mexico and more.

If you were on their $30 plan, then you will be thrilled with Ultra's $29 plan since you will get unlimited dialing to a whopping 60 countries..., and you'll get another 1,000 minutes to call an additional 15 countries and 1GB 4G LTE data.

Need more data, try Ultra's $39 plan with unlimited data with 2GB 4G LTE, unlimited calling to 60 countries, 1,000 additional minutes to call 15 additional countries and more.

Phone orders accepted Call us 1-888-697-4696

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