PINZOO Gold Program Details

Delivery Method NO SHIPPING, NO WAITING! INSTANT ELECTRONIC DELIVERY! Your Prepaid Phone Card PIN is sent by E-Mail safely and securely. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. PIN sent by E-Mail Instantly
Toll-Free Access A toll-free access number you dial to use your phone card so that your initial call into our system is free of charge. Yes
Optional Local Access Having local access capability usually helps callers get better rates since the provider does not have to pay for your toll-free call and will pass on the savings back to you. Yes
Recharge Option Rechargeable simply means you can add more calling time to your phone card and keep the same PIN. As your time runs down, you can login to your account and refill your calling minutes. Yes
Auto-Recharge Option As your minutes run low, more time is automatically added to your PIN during your call. You set the threshold and the provider does the rest. A convenient feature, especially when you don’t have access to a computer. Yes
Pin Skip If you are tired of entering your PIN everytime you place a call, this feature is for you. You can activate the phone numbers you commonly call from by associating them with one of your PINs. The system will recognize your phone number and skip the PIN entry prompt. Yes
Speed Dialing If you are tired of entering lengthy domestic and international phone numbers, then Speed Dial is your answer. You can assign Speed Dial Codes to your commonly called domestic and international numbers and you no longer have to enter lengthy digits on your keypad. Yes
Conference Calling Talk to your friends and family, all at the same time. With Conference Calling you can use your PIN to create a virtual Conference Room and have your friends and family join in and talk. Yes
Online Call Records The ability to access your calling records online and keep track of your spending. Yes
E-mailable E-cards This feature will allow you to E-mail your Phone Card PIN as an E-Card to your loved ones. The recipient can begin placing calls immediately. E-Card make perfect gifts for students, travelers and family members. Yes
Billing Increments 2 Minute Rounding
Service Fee Toll: 49¢/month
Sales Tax None
Connection Fees No Connection Fee
Expiration 180 days
Payphone Surcharge 99¢ per call

PINZOO Gold Phone Cards Highlights

  • Use from Home, Office, Hotels, College, Cell Phone, Military Base or Pay Phone
  • Pay-as-you-go! No contracts!
  • Get your PIN Instantly & start making calls
  • No need to switch your long distance
  • Use from any phone with many features
  • Call anywhere in the U.S. and the World
  • Live and friendly customer service
Pinzoo phone card auto recharge


This FREE FEATURE allows you to add calling time to your phone card once your minutes start to run low. This way you get to keep the same PIN number.

Pinzoo phone card PIN skip

PIN Skip

This FREE FEATURE will recognize your caller ID and does not ask you to enter your PIN. Register up-to 10 phone numbers you commonly call from.

Pinzoo phone card speed dial

Speed Dial

FREE FEATURE allows you to program speed dial numbers to your PIN so that you don't have to enter lengthy phone numbers you commonly call.

Pinzoo phone card speed dial

Local Access

This FREE FEATURE allows you to use nationwide local access number that helps 90% of our customers achieve substantial savings on their calls.

PINZOO money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

PINZOO is the Largest Seller of Prepaid Products and is an eBay PLATINUM PowerSeller® with 100% Positive Feedback from our valued customers. We have served hundreds of thousands of happy customers and look forward to serving you.

PINZOO Gold Phone Cards Calling instructions

For English...

  1. Enter 1-800-737-1862 (or use Local Access and Save!)
  2. Enter your Instant PIN
  • For domestic calls (including Canada, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean) dial: 1 + area code + Number.
  • For international calls, dial 011 + country code + city code + Number.
  • For additional calls, don’t hang up. Press and hold the # button and follow the prompts.
  • For Domestic Customer Service please call Toll-Free 1-888-697-4696.

Para Español

  1. Marque 1-800-737-1863
  2. Marque su código privado PIN
  • Para llamadas en los E.E.U.U, Canada, Puerto Rico y el Caribe, marque 1 + código del área + número del teléfono.
  • Para llamadas internacionales marque 011 + código del país + código de la ciudad + número de teléfono.
  • Para llamadas adicionales NO CUELGUE. Oprima la tecla # y siga las instrucciones.
  • Para obtener servicio local al cliente del dia llame al 1-888-697-4696.

Attention New Customers!

All PINs are delivered via E-mail instantly. Purchase your PINZOO Gold INSTANT PIN online and have it delivered instantly via email. Your PINZOO Gold INSTANT PINs will also be made available online via your secure account order history page.

All transactions are processed on our secure transaction server that ensures all customer data is safe. Our systems are audited daily to ensure the absolute highest level of security.

Your privacy Is important to us. Your personal information is safe. We will never share your email address or personal information with any third-party entity.

Need Assistance?

Our professionally trained customer service representatives are here to assist you with all your telecommunications needs:

  • By Phone: Toll-free 1-800-990-4135
  • By Email:
  • Hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm PST, Sat-Sun 9am to 12pm PST.

Terms & Conditions

Rates listed are based on using our local access numbers. An additional half a cent per minute will be added for using our toll-free access number. For more information, click here. Calls billed in 2 minute increments. A U.S. payphone surcharge of 99¢ will apply. A 49¢ service fee applies at midnight after the 1st call and monthly thereafter. Card expires 90 days after 1st use and can be re-activated for another 90 days if more minutes are added. To add minutes to your card, select the recharge option once you login to your account. Calls placed to wireless phones may be charged at higher rates. All rates and fees are subject to change. For the latest domestic and international rates, specific terms and conditions, please call us toll-free 1-888-697-4696. Service provided by Super Prepaid, Inc.