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Buy the $10.00 Airlink Mobile Refill Airtime Minutes for only $9.95

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Buy the $10.00 Airlink Mobile Refill Minutes Instant Prepaid Airtime | On SALE for Only $9.95

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SALE! $10.00
Only $9.95

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Card Details

  • Pinzoo Points pinzoo points
  • Number of Minutes
    30 Anytime Minutes
  • Expiration
    7 days
  • Nights & Weekends
    Regular Rate

Also Available

Text Messaging Free for the user's 1st month of activation. Then it's 1 anytime minute / message sent or received thereafter.
Data Services N/A
Long Distance There are no additional charges for domestic long distance. Roaming is not available.
International LD: only available to the Caribbean and Canada. All calls are charged at a rate of 10 anytime mins for every min of talk time. Direct call is also available.
Features 411 Connect: 15 anytime mins to connect, plus the regular airtime charge thereafter.
Voicemail / Caller ID / 3 - Way Calling / Call Waiting
**N / W - Minutes used Monday through Friday 9:01pm - 6:59am, and Friday 9:01pm through Monday 6:59 am. Users must have at least 1 anytime minute available in order to use their Night & Weekend Minutes.
Coverage Nationwide Coverage. See provider for coverage map.
Customer Service 1-866-951-5465

Airlink Mobile Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes Highlights

Airlink Mobile's brand new prepaid service offers a variety of refill options with per minute rates starting as low as $0.10 min. Each option includes free nationwide long distance, unlimited night & weekend minutes and a host of standard calling features. Plus, all users receive free incoming and outgoing text messages for their first month of prepaid service.

Airlink Mobile Wireless Refill Airtime Minutes Phone Compatibility

Airlink Mobile Refill Minutes: Compatible with all Airlink Mobile PAY AS YOU GO Prepaid Wireless plans. If you are uncertain as to what type of Airlink Mobile Refill Minutes Plan you may have, please call our professionally trained customer service representatives toll-free at 1-888-697-4696 from 9am to 6pm PST.

Airlink Mobile Refill Instructions

  1. Dial 1-866-951-5465 and follow the prompts

Airlink Mobile Refill Minutes Coverage Map

Airlink Mobile Coverage Map

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