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Your Verizon Wireless® mobile phone will be refilled automatically.

Meet the new Verizon smartphone prepaid plans. Carryover1 Data included.

Switch to Verizon's new 10GB and Unlimited plans and get Unlimited Talk to Mexico & Canada

Smartphone Prepaid Plans - No Annual Contract

Pay As You Go Refill

Smartphone plan

Flexible, Affordable, Reliable. Prepay with no hidden fees.

Monthly smartphone plans $30 Monthly
$40 Monthly
$50 Monthly
$60 Monthly
$75 Monthly
Data 1GB at high speed 6GB at high speed 16GB at high speed 10GB at high speed Unlimited at high speed
Always-on Data1
Unlimited U.S. Talk and Text
Unlimited Text to Mexico & Canada2
Mobile Hotspot
Unlimited Talk to Mexico & Canada

Add 1,000 minutes to Mexico & Canada for $10/month3

1 Once high speed data allowance is used, Always-On Data allows you to continue using data speeds limited to 128 kbps at no additional charge for the rest of the month. Your data experience may be impacted and functionality of some data applications may be impacted like streaming video or audio unless you purchase additional add on data.
2 Unlimited Text to anyone on any network from the U.S. to Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico.
3 Only available on $45 Smartphone plans and $30 basic phone plan.

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1 Carryover takes place if you renew on time and does not expire as long as you stay active on a monthly plan that offers Carryover. You can only Carryover the amount of gigs on your monthly plan.